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About Me

Mario Guerra


I'm a Product Manager at Microsoft, working on Azure SDK products. My role involves helping customers bring their cloud-based visions to life while also guiding the Azure team in developing the next groundbreaking features.

I firmly believe that developers should be empowered, not hindered, by their tools, frameworks, and processes.

My passion for technology extends beyond my primary role. I have a particular interest in generative AI and its potential to solve complex problems creatively. This fascination has led me to develop several tools that have significantly improved our internal efficiency and customer experience at Microsoft.

Here are a few highlights of my work:

- Developed a container-based ChatGPT clone for internal team use, powered by GPT-4-32K, enhancing team communication and collaboration.
- Created a Teams meeting summarization tool, a precursor to Copilot, known for producing high-quality summaries.
- Designed an audio recording translation/transcription workflow, capable of converting spoken language into written text in a different language, thereby improving accessibility and understanding.
- Built an Azure-specific VS Code chat agent extension powered by retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). This tool is set to enhance the next generation of GitHub Copilot.
- Implemented a RAG-based bot that answers questions about TypeSpec using Q&A content exported from our internal TypeSpec discussion channel, improving knowledge sharing and accessibility.

My commitment to using the right tools for the job, automating wherever possible, and applying just the right amount of process to keep projects on track, has been the cornerstone of my success. I take great pleasure in helping others build high-quality software.

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